The Horror with Beauty

Nightmares are haunting.. but if you believe in the horror. Your mind is dressed to walk on d lonely roads,empty corridors, ancient forts or at time your own house becomes haunted.

It was summer in the city. The beautiful & colourful city “Kolkata” in India. Yellow cabs, long bridges, beaches, and most famous of all the preachers of Durga Maa “The Powerful blessing Goddess”. The city is food & fish famous. But the dark sides are black magic & big prostitution hubs.

Down the city.. on the outskirts you will find the ugly face of this city. When full moon night demons are fetched infant blood and for success or failure to others is being cursed.

So, here I met a friend. And she told me about black magic that you won’t believe. They believe that this magic can be performed by a stran of your hair, a thread of your clothes, or any such content that belongs to you. If the demon demands dead, then he is fetched with dead. But slow dead.. they use dolls, banana plants n some times spirits which lie unsatisfied. The story of curse is not only in kolkata city. But also in Bhanghar Fort,Rajasthan! 


Author: highorlowblog

I'm soulful. TwentyTwo Passionate & Epitome of Grace. Mostly funny!

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